WaterLev Garden Fountain Water Level System All you need in one kit! This reat for large or small fountains.




WaterLev Garden Fountain Water Level System

System Includes:
10' of 1/4" tubing, Weighted ABS 1/2" Autofill, 5" extention, 1/4 hose to hose bid,  1/4" hose to 1/2" connector.

Connect the hose to 1/2 pipe or hose bid. Drop the weighted ABS float into your fountain and adjust the float to desired level. Your fountain will automatically maintain the perfect level. Up to 70 psi of water pressure on the float valve. If your pressure is greater that 70 psi, use a standard pressure reducer sold at all major home improvement stores.

Part Number:
SDI 211

Current Garden Fountain & pond
automatic water level system brochure PDF

Instructions how to install garden
fountain water level auto fill system